Lloyd Thomas founder of Whitevale School of the Arts

I formed The Whitevale School of the Arts in 2012 to help fill a void in my life.  My love of teaching goes back to my early days, when I taught Judo to kids in Pickering.  In the 80’s I ran the Whitevale Gamers with kids coming from all over the community. With kids it’s easy to see their creativity and you want to encourage that as much as you can. I still volunteer with schools teaching grade 7 and 8 carving classes.

With adults it’s much harder to rejeuvinate their creativity, that was one of the reasons I formed Whitevale School of the Arts, I wanted to introduce them or help them expand on something they might want to try.  At the School I have tried to offer a variety of different courses, educational but more for your enjoyment.  You deserve it…


Lloyd Thomas