Our Instructors

  • Lloyd Thomas

    Lloyd Thomas became interested in carving after his retirement in 2000. Since then he has studied with the Haida carver Rick Wolcott and local West Coast carvers; Howard Greenaway, Wayne Hill and caricature carvers Fred Zavadil and Honky Hawrysio. He is on the executive of the Ontario Wood Carvers Association (OWCA) and has won many awards for his carvings. For the last 8 years he has taught carving classes at Lee Valley Tools and recently at the McMichael Gallery. He volunteers his time teaching carving to grade 7 and 8 classes in local schools. During the summer you will see him making walking sticks with the kids at summer camp. As much as he enjoys West Coast carving he enjoys studying and retelling the stories and myths to children more. Lloyd is currently running the "Whitevale School of the Arts" in Pickering.

  • Honky Hawrysio

    Honky Hawrysio, is a self taught carver, who says a wood sprit is a face you can see in a tree when you are lost in a forest. It's a protector, ensuring you are not alone. A multi award winning carver, Honky established his business, “Spirits of the Wilderness”, in 1997. Honky is one of the best at carving Wood Spirits, one of the best to study with. Carving with Honky is an experience...

    Courses Taught: Carving Wood Spirits
  • Kevin Reid

    Kevin Reid is a retired elementary school music teacher who now has time to carve with the Pickering Woodcarvers in Pickering, Ontario. He is mostly a self taught woodcarver, but has also studied under Tom Gallagher, Wayne Barton, and Dennis Moor. He lives with his quilt making wife and is looking forward to passing his enjoyment of carving to his grandchildren.

    Courses Taught: Chip Carving
  • Mark Sheridan

    Mark Sheridan has been carving for most of his life and has produced a number of award winning caricature carvings. You can view Mark’s recent projects on his website at www.tributesinwood.com and follow his step-by-step progress on his current projects. Influenced by a number of other artists, Mark’s carvings incorporate what he believes is important in a caricature carving: exaggeration, expression, fine detail and the telling of a story.

    Mark is the current President of the Ontario Wood Carvers Association and lives with his wife and son in Kingston, Ontario.

    Courses Taught: Carving Caricatures