Our Instructors

  • Lloyd Thomas

    Lloyd Thomas became interested in carving after his retirement in 2000. Since then he has studied with the Haida carver Rick Wolcott and local West Coast carvers; Howard Greenaway, Wayne Hill and caricature carvers Fred Zavadil and Honky Hawrysio. He is on the executive of the Ontario Wood Carvers Association (OWCA) and has won many awards for his carvings. For the last 8 years he has taught carving classes at Lee Valley Tools and recently at the McMichael Gallery. He volunteers his time teaching carving to grade 7 and 8 classes in local schools. During the summer you will see him making walking sticks with the kids at summer camp. As much as he enjoys West Coast carving he enjoys studying and retelling the stories and myths to children more. Lloyd is currently running the "Whitevale School of the Arts" in Pickering.

  • Marlene Ash

    It was by chance, in 1994, I spent a week carving under the tutelage of Canadian carver/sculpture Chris Reese at the Haliburton School of Fine Arts. This experience hooked me on the fine art of carving and continues to be a special hobby. I’m an active member of the Ontario Woodcarvers Association participating in numerous activities such as their annual Show and Competition, volunteer teaching grades 7 and 8 classes at a Toronto School and actively carving on the Maple Leaf Forever Tree project at the Ontario Science Centre. I also, along with my husband, conduct “carving classes” at the Aurora Cultural Centre and act as a supervisor with the Auroroa Seniors Centre Carvers. It is my hope to pass on to others the skills I have acquired and continue to be involved in this Art form.

    Courses Taught: West Coast Masks
  • Mazarine Memon

    An accomplished award-winning artist, Mazarine has had several sold-out solo and group exhibitions around the world. She has an avid following of collectors and her works have pride of place all over the world. Mazarine intelligently plays on a psychological phenomenon known as Pareidolia (parr-i-DOH-lee-a) – a condition which makes people see familiar shapes and patterns where none actually exist, but in her case she actually hides the stimulus in there. No wonder critics have tagged her style as “mysteries in colour,” you need to find the clues before the subject of the artwork reveals itself. When that happens it is a aha moment. Mazarine graduated in 1988 from the prestigious five-year applied art degree at Sophia Col-lege but has continued to learn and evolve as is apparent from her body of work of the past 25 years. She is skilled in a variety of mediums from charcoal to encaustic, but is biased to inks, acrylics and oils. Mazarine was born in Bombay (Mumbai) to an eccentric, fun loving, Zoroastrian family. She is of Iranian ancestry, Indian by birth, Italian at heart and Canadian by choice. Mazarine works out of The Art Brewery, her studio (a repurposed garage) in Toronto and occasionally con-ducts workshops in Art, Yoga, Reiki and Mediation.

    Courses Taught: Abstract Painting
  • Betty Elleker

    In early childhood Betty and her father would mimic the drawing styles of various cartoonists in the weekend newspaper. But her grandmother encouraged her to express her own creativity in the garden: designing, planting and then using the results and other found materials to "make things". Her lifelong love of nature has inspired her garden art as well as pyrography and wreath making. She has been a participant and convener of the annual Whitevale "Crafted by Hand Show and Sale" for the past twenty years.

  • Rosemary Oliver

    As a Fibre Artist, Rosemary describes her work as “painting with fabric, fibre and thread” and her inspirations often come from nature. She uses a variety of media to create her two and three dimensional pieces, such as hand embroidery, appliqué, felting, weaving, fabric painting and hand and machine quilting. Her art spans the boundary of art and science and a number of her pieces have been exhibited in scientific and nature venues in order to raise awareness about species at risk and environmental concerns through her art. Her work has been shown at The Royal Ontario Museum, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, The Toronto Zoo, Ontario Nature, Pickering City Hall and the Oshawa Fibre Art Show as well as at a number of community locations. She volunteers at the Pickering Museum Village and at WindReach Farm, is a member of the Pickering Naturalists, is a keen gardener and spends time on the water both sailing and kayaking.

    Courses Taught: Needle Felting
  • Wendy Daly

    A Toronto native and graduate of the Emily Carr College of Art & Design, Vancouver. Following her graduation with a major in Painting, Wendy returned to Toronto and started work with a stained glass studio. She felt challenged to define colour with "seemingly" static sheets of glass verse the endless colour pallet of acrylic paints. However, she embraced the challenge, and immediately feel in love with glass. While apprenticing the traditional stained glass techniques, Wendy's mindset would envision other options to design and problem solve. Now after years of experimenting, Wendy embraces multi-mediums and multi-techniques. Intuitively, she sees multiple solutions to design challenges and her glass work often includes the combined techniques of; mosaic, copper Foil, Lead, fusing, glass painting and double glazing with acrylic paints. Also, as a Reiki practitioner and nature enthusiast she is conscious of earth energy and honours such energy in her work, material and environments. With joy to inspire and enlighten, Wendy has been teaching the art of stained glass for over 25 years and cautions her students; glass is addictive and each project can potentially inspire another 50 or more.

    Courses Taught: Stained Glass